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Stvori legendarnog karaktera kog će igrači pamtiti godinama i postani najjači ninja u igri.
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The Genin Exams present a gateway to the realm of Genin, where Academy Students seize the chance to soar higher. Embrace this opportunity with unwavering determination, for within lies the path to greatness. Journey through a series of 10 questions, each harder than the last. Prove your worth and claim your rightful place among the Genin elite.


The Chūnin Exams ignite the flames of ambition, beckoning Genin to transcend their limits and ascend to the esteemed rank of Chūnin. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey, where the structure and evaluation methods of the exam are shrouded in mystery. Sharpen your skills and adapt to every twist and turn, for only the prepared shall prevail in this test of strength and determination.


The Jonin Exams unleash an inferno of challenges, daring Chūnin to prove their mettle and claim their rightful place as true shinobi. Each question hurls itself at you like a raging storm, relentlessly testing the depths of your knowledge and expertise. With every moment at stake, leave no stone unturned and no answer incomplete. Your destiny as a formidable force in this merciless shinobi world hangs in the balance.


The S Jounin exams offer an unique and thrilling chance to become an unstoppable force in the shinobi world. Prepare for relentless challenges, where each question demands your utmost skill and knowledge. Leave no room for error, for judgment awaits every step. Embrace the crucible of greatness and forge your legend.