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❖ Keywords are tiny indicators located at the bottom of the card that define some cards so that the player can better understand what it can and cannot do.

True chakra - attacks/techniques that consist of this chakra can hurt people in immunities and is considered one of best types of keywords when it comes to attacks.

Following - attacks/techniques that have this keyword can follow the opponents chakra. It's great against certain dash techniques as it follows the opponent, damaging him.

Unblockable - these types of attacks cannot be blocked by an another attack, but only by some type of defense or a wall. If someone sends an attack towards an unblockable attack they won't collide/they will just pass through one another.

Piercing - attack or techniques that can pierce through defense or a hard object. Depending on the type of attack, it can destroy a structure or defense fully or it can just pass through it.

Massive - attack or technique that has effect on the whole field. These types of techniques are a great counter to dashes or in an ambush/multifight. But beware as your allies can get caught in it.

Stance - stance is a keyword currently unique to only taijutsu. It balances out certain stances so that you or your opponent cannot have more of them active at the same time. You can only be in one stance at any given time, but are free to switch out.

Multiplication - techniques or attacks that can be done multiple times in a turn. This keyword usually refers to clones, certain attacks etc.

Crowd Control - techniques or attacks that apply one of following statuses - root, stun, sleep etc. It's a dangerous keyword because once you're caught in it, there are limited ways to free yourself from it.

Immunity - techniques that make you immune to other techniques or attacks. Usually every immunity card has its downside, for example if you're in a water immunity, lightning and pure chakra can damage you.

Untouchable - techniques that make you immune to every type of physical attack. These techniques are considered one of top notch defenses in the game.

Splitting - technique or attack that can be split in multiple parts. These parts do not have individual buffs on them, so for example if you split a 1000 damage on 5 opponents, only 200 damage will go towards each.

Extension - attacks that can stay on the field for longer than one turn.

One by One - a strong offensive keyword that disables collective defense against an attack. If an attack has this keyword, every opponents needs to defend from the attack individually.

Mode - modes are techniques that enhance your body and your abilities. You can be in multiple modes at once.

Weaponry - techniques that create a physical weapon.

Free-Form - attacks or techniques that can be formed in any shape or form, giving the user the freedom of deciding some key factors about the technique.

Sensor - techniques that contain sensory attributes/are able to detect an opponent in some shape or form, best described on a card.

Fly - techniques that have this keyword allow you to hover/fly and move freely around the air space. It's useful against some type of field control techniques as you can fly up and dodge mud and stuff like that.

Dash - utility techniques that allow you to move to a desired location on the field and dodge an attack or a technique. Dash isn't considered as a technique that resolves instantly, which means that you can usually cancel it half way and its effect.

Blink - utility technique that allows you to teleport instantly to a desired location on the field. It is one of most powerful utility techniques. It instantly resolves and opponent doesn't have time to react to these types of techniques.

Field Control - are considered techniques that work on one part of the field and over it, such as a mud river, lake, snow etc.

❖ If there is any conflict between the text on the card and its keywords, its better off to ask an admin than to act on your own.

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Jinchuuriki Rules

❖ There are nine demons: Ichibi, Nibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi, Shichibi, Hachibi, Kyuubi and therefore there can only be 9 jinchuuriki's (Shinobi in which demons are sealed).

❖ When you complete the special training and meet the additional requirements as a jinchuuriki, you will receive a special release of your demon. From this release you will eventually get his techniques through a special training. Demon in addition to personal techniques and release techniques also has a sensory powers.




❖ Santon




❖ Plazma release




❖ Typhoon release




❖ Lava release




❖ Boil release




❖ Poison release




❖ Aburame




❖ Ink release




❖ Scorch release

Jinchuuriki cards and rules

✾ Depending on the power, Jinchuuriki acquires the ability to unlock cards that are divided into first-order cards, second-order cards and third-order cards.
first-order cards

First-order cards :

Once the demon is sealed in you, you can pay 100 tokens and unlock the first order cards

Second-order cards :

Once you have gained control of your demon (at least one month from the moment of sealing) you can pay 300 tokens for second order cards

Third-order cards :

Once you have mastered control of your demon ( at least three months from the moment of sealing ) you can pay 500 tokens for third order cards

✾ Depending on the demon Jinchuuriki possesses, he can pay 500 tokens and unlock his clan / release / element. After sealing Jinchuuriki must rest for 10 RL days and cannot fight or do flash back missions

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Sage Rules

❖ When a Sage enters Sage mode, he will first need to use up all his nature chakra before continuing the use of his base chakra.

❖ While in Sage mode, you can summon your animal summons using base chakra, but only summons.

❖ When a Sage uses 2 or less combo slots, he will regain 50 nature chakra back.

❖ While in Sage mode, Chakra Sense is always active passively.

❖ You can enter Sage mode once per battle.

❖ Visual genjutsu doesn't work on Sages.

❖ When health or energy gained by Sage is used up, he doesn't leave the Sage mode yet. Sage exits the mode once he uses up all his nature chakra.

❖ There's a special requirement that you need to fulfill if you plan on becoming a Sage. You will need to travel to the animal world and roleplay your training and experience there, showing admins your skills and if you really deserve to become a Sage of this world. 10 roleplay posts along with a 14 day wait until you gain your desired powers.

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Limit Rules

✾ If your total skill points sum up over 800, you lose 250 health per turn.

✾ A standard shinobi can withstand double of his base chakra amount in his body, which is usually 2000. If his chakra somehow passes over that, he will lose double the health of the exceeded value. If he exceeds by having 2400 chakra, he will lose 800 health.

✾ If a certain skill point passes 500 mark, all your other skill points will go down by exceeded amount (minimum 100)

✾ When your skill points go into negative, you gain the following effects
When your precision is lowered by 100, you lose 100 damage.
When your strength is lowered by 100, you pay 100 more energy on your energy techniques.
When your speed is lowered by 100, your dodging techniques have their dodge level lowered by half the amount
When your intelligence is lowered by 100, your mental attacks and defense against them are lowered by 100.
When your reflex is lowered by 100, guaranteed damage attacks are stronger by 100 against you.
When your dexterity is lowered by 100, nothing happens but if it lowered by 200, you will lose a slot.
When your vitality is lowered by 100, you lose third of that amount as damage over time (33 health).
When your chakra control is lowered by 100, your techniques will cost 10 more.

✾ Minimum amount of combo slots all shinobis can go down to is 4. Maximum amount of combo slots is 9.

✾ When Sage and Jinchuuriki are in their respective modes, they do not have a limit on stats and damage. However, their limit on total stats still stand.

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Barrier & Seal Jutsu

❖ You are not able to place barriers inside/outside of a barrier as you please. Lowest level barrier will always be on the inside. For example, if you casted level 200, 150 and 100 level barriers, level 200 would be on the outer layer, level 150 in the middle, and 100 on the inside.

❖ Guaranteed damage cannot transfer the seal to the opponent. Only base damage can transfer the seal on the opponent.

❖ Seals cannot be transfered over a solid object.

❖ There cannot be two same barriers on the field at once.

❖ When a seal is placed on an opponent, you can activate it in the same turn you placed it or you can wait a couple more turns. Once you place a seal it stays on the opponent until you activate it or until he removes it.

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Clone Jutsu

❖When you create clones you cannot take the chakra from them because it is your original chakra from which they were created. You can only take the chakra that the clones collected while resting.

❖ In order to receive the chakra from clones, you have to be in their immediate vicinity (chakra cannot go miles away or from other dimensions).

❖ Clones must have health to exist. If clones health reaches 0 it dissapears.

❖ All clones can use element passive effects.

❖ Clones cannot make more clones.

❖ Clones share cd of techniques with their creator, which means that if you have a cooldown up on a technique, so does your clone. Clones also share cooldown of effects with eachother. If one clone does some effect, that effect will be on cooldown for all other clones.

❖ Clones cannot rest in the move they were created.

❖ When you make clones, from activated techniques only body changes will pass on to him (dojutsu, sage modes). Dojutsu's will have to be maintained from next turn onwards. Placing a seal on yourself does not count as a body change and it won't transfer to the clone.

❖ You and your clone cannot go far away from each other. If it attempts to leave the area you are in it will disappear.

❖ Clones cannot use hidden or forbidden techniques.

❖ Clones have all basic techniques and normal weapons/items you currently possess in your inventory. Special and premium weapons won't be cloned.

❖ If it isn't indicated on the card, that clone will have 10% of their stats and skills.

❖ Jinchuriki mode doesn't pass on to clones. When made, clones do not take into consideration % of stats gained from Jinchuriki chakra.

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Puppet Jutsu

❖ You can have a total of 10 puppets on the field because you only have ten fingers on your hands. One finger, one chakra thread to control the doll.

❖ Each puppet takes up 2 inventory slots if it's in a scroll or 4 inventory slots if you're carrying it.

❖ Puppet attacks can have guaranteed damage from destructiveness, but only 10%. When they defend you with their guaranteed from another guaranteed (destructive) they defend as if they have 20%, but only you (not allies).

❖ Puppet attacks are not as devastating as ninjutsu, so their attacks can affect multiple people only if they are in close proximity.

❖ While defending againts a destructive attack, if you use puppet attacks, you will only defend yourself and your puppets, not other allies.

❖ If someone destroys your puppet in a fight, after the fight you can collect the broken pieces and put it back together. You will be able to use it again in 2 real days.

❖ Chakra sense cannot sense a weapon attack by a puppet.

❖ Precision adds damage on the final combined attack, not on each one individually.

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❖ Not all cards with sensory keyword have an ability to sense chakra. They can learn of the opponents location/attacks through other means such as sight, smell etc. You can find all explanations of special cases and what do specific sensors detect.

Chakra Sense:
With the help of the "Chakra Sense" ability sensor, you only feel chakra, which means that if the opponent uses energy for his attack and you do not see him, you cannot know his hidden move. You will precisely know his location and if he did something out of chakra. You cannot distinguish a clone from an original ninja with this technique.

Mind Eye of Kagura:
This is the strongest sensor technique in the game. Feeling both the opponent's and natural chakra, you create an image of the entire terrain in your head and see it down to the smallest detail. You can see the opponents movements clearly, so if he attempts to throw something, you will see it.

You can see invisible things, but is blocked by certain visual obstacles - when there is a thick smoke or a wall, sharingan won't be able to see more than a basic eye.

You can see through all visual obstacles (smoke, walls etc.). Only visual obstacle you cannot see through is light and you will have to close your eyes versus it (you do not have sensory attributes of byakugan then).

Magnetic Sense:
If the opponent has anything metal on himself you will know what he did in a turn. If he doesn't he needs to report it to you so you can use a different sensor.

Dinamic Marking:
When your ninken hits the opponent with urine you will only know the opponents location because of the smell. It doesn't reveal opponents turn/attack is he is hidden.

Third Eye Connection:
Send a sand eye on the field that will watch over the opponent and his moves. If he attempts to hide himself, eye will change its position and keep watch of him. It's vision is blocked by smoke and light.

Spindle Formation:
If the opponent is in smoke or similar, your bugs will relay the information of his entire turn to you.

The Eye Of Azakiel:
Works on the same principle as Third Eye Connection. If the opponent hides from it, the eye will attack him regardless of if he made 1200 damage or not.

❖ Because of the base principle of the forum and secret moves, sensory techniques cannot be activated secretly.

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✦ The genjutsu class relies on illusion-based attacks. This class inflicts mental, not physical attacks.

✦ Basic way to defend from a genjutsu is Cancel Technique and Bleeding Technique.

✦ When your opponent attacks you with genjutsu it is important for the first card/action in your post to be defense from that genjutsu. Otherwise, it will count as if you fell under it.

✦ If your sharingan is active, you do not have to do hand signs in order to cast a genjutsu, instead you will need to maintain eye contact with the opponent (If you do not specify, it is counter as if you did the hand signs). You do not need eye contact for genjutsu cast with hand signs, as it affects chakra.

✦ Genjutsu cannot be played secretly.

✦ You can defend yourself from visual genjutsu if you close your eyes, but only if you do it before the opponents attack, not in response to it. That way you leave yourself vulnerable to other types of tactics.

✦ When a genjutsu damage is buffed, the amount of chakra to release from it is based on the actual damage, not how much opponent invested in it. Rules of releasing from a genjutsu are written on Cancel Technique and Bleeding Technique.

✦ Genjutsu doesn't work on anyone that doesn't have any chakra left. You can defend yourself from a genjutsu by releasing all your chakra, though it's heavily not recommended

✦ You can free yourself from a genjutsu if you receive a certain amount of chakra. That means that if someone transfers chakra to you, they can defend you from incoming genjutsu. If you were to free yourself from a 500 damage genjutsu, you would need to get 250 pure chakra into your system through an ally or another source - sage mode etc.

✦ If multiple genjutsu are attacking you, you will only have to defend from the highest damage one.

✦ Level of the genjutsu is counted as damage divided by 5. If it exceeds 160 levels it can go towards anyone on the field.

✦ Genjutsu immunities also cancel out genjutsu effects.

✦ If you take damage from a genjutsu, you will lose 2 slots in that turn. Shinobi cannot go bellow 4 slots.

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Taijutsu & Kenjutsu

❖ When you attack with the sword or a fist, every other swing will have guaranteed damage. For example, after the first swing, second swing won't have guaranteed damage but third, fifth, seventh will.

❖ The level of attack with a weapon or body is always equal to the level of the shinobi who uses it. Maximum level of a kenjutsu/taijitsu attack is 200.

❖ The user can swing the weapon in his hand, consuming a slot. Depending on how many slots you have left, you can swing multiple times.

❖ When you do more swings with your fist or a weapon, you spend the energy away for every swing in the first post. If it turns out you have to stop them after the opponent has played his post, you can get that energy back by stopping your attack. If you have already dashes do the opponent or you are in his proximity, by stopping the attack you will regain back the energy from extra swings, but not from the first one.

❖ You can attack with multiple taijitsu attacks (fists, kicks, elbow attack) per turn, but if the opponent menages to defend himself from all of them, you will not be able to cancel your attack and regain the energy for other attacks.

❖ For every 100 speed the user has he gets an extra swing, regardless of if he has a point in kenjutsu or taijitsu talent. Extra swings require normal energy for a swing but do not require slots. Extra swings can only be used once you used up all of your available slots. You cannot use these swings in defensive purposes.

❖ If multiple projectile weapons are thrown, their damage does not combine. If there's 3 shuriken flying towards you, each with 500 damage, a simple fire dragon with 500 damage will stop their movement/damage and continue on his way. If those same shuriken had 600 damage each, dragon would only decrease their damage by his damage amount and continue on untouched. Those 3 shuriken will end up having 100 damage each. You cannot use projectile weapons to defend yourself againts ninjutsu attacks unless the weapons are covered in chakra.

❖ If the sword is coated in any type of chakra, you will be able to block ninjutsu with it. It cannot defend you from guaranteed by destruction.

❖ If your body/fist is coated in any type of chakra, you will be able to block ninjutsu with it as well. Same goes regarding guaranteed damage.

❖ When you attack someone with a weapon, and he defends himself with the defense, regardless of the number of swings, the defense will defend you from each attack as well as from the first. If your defense is 100, and shinobi swings 3 times with 200 damage at you, those 100 defense will deflect 100 damage from all 3 swings.

❖ If a technique blocks close combat, projectile or weapon attacks, it will not block guaranteed damage from those attacks in the first turn.

❖ There are ninjutsu attacks that count as close combat attack. For example Rasengan and Chidori exist. For those types of techniques, these rules apply. Which means that if you appear next to someone, he won't be able to counter those techniques with his ninjutsu. Additionally, if anyone appears next to you you will be able to use those techniques as defense.

Pasivne kartice

❖ You cannot do two elemental attacks from the same talent class in one turn (You can't do two water attacks for example).

❖ You can't combine an attack with yourself in the same turn (for example you send a fire dragon and then a wind dragon - they can't be combined, they will just continue one after another). Usually combinations are done with allies, clones, etc.

❖ Water and Fire attacks cannot be combined.

❖ If you combine a fire dragon that has 500 damage and 100 levels with allies wind dragon that has 500 damage and 100 levels, the result will be a dragon that has 1000 damage and is level 200.

❖ Destructive attack is considered an attack that is level 101+. These attacks are usually destructive in one part of the field, unless stated otherwise.

❖ For a combined attack to be destructive, it is required for it to be over level 200.

❖ Destructive/Massive attacks cannot be played secretly. There are some exceptions when a technique is for an example a shrapnel and just shoots out in all directions, not disrupting the smoke setup or making too much noise.

❖ If a destructive attack is headed towards both you and your ally, ally will be able to protect you from it. If an attack has One by One keyword, ally will not be able to defend you from that attack. Also, if a massive attack is taking place and you are on the other side of the field from ally, he won't be able to defend you from it because that attack works on all parts of the field.

❖ When you use effects that buff damage, for example fire buff that gives +200 damage, that attacks level is raised by 40 (per 100 extra damage you gain 20 levels. 200 damage - 40 levels. 300 damage - 60 etc). Damage buff from precision doesn't buff levels.

❖ Every ninjutsu that exceeds 150 levels and 800 damage is able to deal guaranteed damage caused by destruction. That damage is equal to 20% of the attacks damage.

❖ Guaranteed damage caused by destruction can be blocked with another attack that has guaranteed damage from the same type. This is only unique to guaranteed damage by destruction.

❖ Your attack can have either guaranteed damage by destruction or by speed, he cannot have both. If for example you have 500 speed and guaranteed damage on ninjutsu is 200, you can overlap those 200 damage with 250 because one is higher than the other.

❖ Basic cards from talents and elements cannot deny effects of forbidden/hidden cards.

❖ Combined damage cannot exceed 3000 damage. If that attack has total 4400 damage, it will count as it has 3000 damage and level 600.

❖ When you combine two attacks, only overlapping effects will pass on to combined attack. If you combine next two attacks:

Water Dragon - follows the opponent and pierces through defense
Wind Dragon - follows the opponent and stays an additional turn on the field

Resulting combination will be following - a combination of water and wind dragon that can follow the opponent. All other effects are lost.

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Slots and Cooldown


❖ Slots indicate how many actions you can do in one move in a fight. Each player is entitled to 5 slots in one move. They can be increased with some techniques, skills (dexterity) etc. The required amount of slots for an attack can also be reduced with the help of some techniques. The slots are these little crystals on bottom of the card.


As you can see in the above picture, the technique costs 3 slots.

❖ When you run out of 5 slots in the post you are not allowed to do anything extra that requires slots. If you surpass the allowed slots, it will be considered as if you did not do the last technique, ie the one that surpassed the allowed limit. For example, if do a technique that buffs your attack for 3 slots and throw an attack for 3 slots, if you do not have an extra slot from a buff or dexterity, your attack will count as if you've never even cast it because you don't have enough slots.


❖ Cooldown is the time you have to wait after using a technique to reuse it. It runs only after activating the attack/technique and you can see it on the lower right part of the card. Time is indicated in moves, and for example if you throw an attack with cooldown 3, this is how it will go

attack - turn - turn - turn - reuse

❖ Some attacks or techniques can only be used once per battle, and such techniques are labeled 1 PB (per battle).


❖ Item slots indicate how much space an item takes up in your inventory. The limit is 10 slots in the inventory that you can carry with you. The crystals at the bottom of the weapon or item indicate how many slots they occupy in the inventory.


Samehada for example, takes up 5 inventory slots.

❖ You can have as many weapons and items as you want, but before you leave the city or on a mission, you need to set up your inventory that will satisfy those 10 slots.

❖ Inventory is set up by going to menu, going to the inventory page and filling it with ID's of the cards you want to have in your inventory at the time of the battle. If at the time of the battle your inventory isn't set up, you won't be able to use them even if you bought those items.

Pasivne kartice

There are 8 skills that you can develop in the game:


As you level up, you get 15 skill points on every tenth level that allow you to upgrade those skills.
Points are earned up to level 200. Which means that during the game you can get a total of 300 points that you can distribute.


✾ Strength is a natural property of the body that enables better performance of techniques that require the use of a basic body value - energy. It works by spending less energy on a card, depending on how many strength points you have.

For example, if the card requires 500 energy and you have 300 strength, you will spend 200 energy on it.

✾ When you reduce energy consumption with strength you cannot reduce it to cost 0. Minimum energy requirement per card is 30.

For example, if the card requires 200 energy and you have 200 strength, you will spend 30 energy on it instead of 0.


✾ Speed ​​is the ability of a body to perform movements or to move to a greater extent than another fighter. These are the things that speed allows:

1. Guaranteed damage

✾ If you are faster than your opponent, you have the opportunity to inflict guaranteed dmg on him. It is the damage that the opponent receives regardless of whether he avoids or cancels the attack. The only way to cancel the guaranteed damage is defense and reflex.

✾ Guaranteed damage is equal to half the speed difference.

For example, if you have 100 more speed than the opponent, guaranteed damage on your attacks in equal to 50.

✾ Besides guaranteed damage caused by speed, there's also guaranteed damage caused by destruction.

It is very important that the guaranteed damage and speed as an ability do not interact with the effects at all. The effects do not apply to speed. On each card, it is assumed that the speed does not apply to the effects unless otherwise stated on the card itself.

For example if you have a sword that's poisoned, and you inflict guaranteed damage on opponent and he dodges the base damage, he will not get poisoned by it. Techniques that say - if you receive part of the damage, you will receive the whole damage and similar, do not apply to a guaranteed attack.


✾ Precision directs your attacks in such a way that they become more functional and stronger. It is the simplest ability.

✾ Half of your points on precision count as additional damage on your attacks.

For example, if you have 100 precision your attacks will deal +50 damage. Precision doesn't buff genjutsu attacks.


✾ Intelligence affects your mind, becoming more effective in genjutsu attacks and more resistant to it.

✾ Your points of intelligence count as additional damage you have on genjutsu attacks. Not only that, the amount of points you have will also lower the incoming genjutsu damage, making you more resistant to it

✾ If you have 300 base intelligence, you can create a personal technique.


✾ Reflexes are the body's ability to react with great speed to surprising events. It is a direct counter for guaranteed damage.

✾ The more points you have on the reflexes, the more guaranteed damage you deny. Works on both guaranteed caused by speed and destruction.

For example, if the opponents attack has 200 guaranteed damage and you have 150 reflexes, the incoming guaranteed damage will be 50.

✾ Reflexes as a skill have important implication in the game because of Reflex Dodge card.


✾ Vitality is the body's ability to regenerate. As long as you have more than 0 chakra your body cells will constantly regenerate.

✾ A third of your vitality points is equal to the health regeneration per turn. You can’t surpass your base health value.

If you have 300 points in vitality you will regenerate 100 health per turn.

✾ If you have 200 base Vitality, you can unlock Vitality Cleansing technique.


✾ Dexterity is the ability that allows you to do more things in a shorter time.

✾ On 150 points of dexterity, you gain an additional combo slot.


✾ Chakra control calms your flow of chakra and allows you to lower its consumption when casting jutsu.

✾ For every 100 points in chakra control, cost of a technique is lowered by 5 and reduce a slot required for Rest technique. Lowest it can go is 10.

Any increase in ability over 500 has its own risk, read this in more detail in the limit rules.

Pasivne kartice

❖Roleplay (RP) is a simulation of real life in a game. This means that when you create your character you insert him into Ninja World where he will face obstacles, opponents and various things in this strange and cruel world.

❖You indulge in the role of your character through messages, and once you create this character, you should respect him and keep to it while playing on your profile. For example, if your character is silent and doesn't talk much, then it would be bad if, for example, after a few months of playing, he starts making jokes and changing his character suddenly.

❖By practicing writing and role-playing, you will learn to interact very well with other players. For example if someone attacks you you should write a response describing the reaction of your character (not you but your character!).

❖Usually the starting players are full of themselves. A good suggestion is to start roleplaying and learn the game slowly through it. You have to adapt to the game and be humble at first.

❖You have a biography on your profile, which you submit to the admin when you create it (he checks it and posts it on your profile). If there were no players who describe their characters (who are the lowest rank in the game) as heroes and saviors of the world, players could adjust the biography themselves, but this is why the admin has to do it.

❖The Roleplay post must contain a minimum of 40 words. For larger ranks, it is desirable to have a post of 60-80 words.

❖You must not post after your post until 48 hours have passed. (Exceptions are missions and your house) So it can go in two ways: Your post - 48h - Your post or Your post - Someone else's post - Your post.

❖There must be no mixing of real life information (RL) and roleplay (RP). For example, if you know that your comrade-in-arms was killed in the game, you must not play roleplay as your character knows the same.

❖If you do something in roleplay that your character can't possibly know (eg your friend from the discord is fighting somewhere and you go to save him even though your character can't know that he is fighting) you will be punished in the following ways:
     1st time - your action will be canceled and it will be considered that it did not happen and you will receive a warning
     2nd time - your action will be canceled and it will be considered that it did not happen and you will lose 50 levels
     3rd time - your profile will be sanctioned

❖It is advisable not to transmit hatred from real life towards someone in the game.

❖Roleplay is the most important thing in an rp game (big brain time). It doesn't matter that you have great powers and strong cards if you just can't figure out a roleplay way to defend yourself from an attack or something like that.

❖The better you describe the roleplay situation in the game the better it is for you. A description down to the smallest detail will sometimes save your life and nothing in the game and roleplay is taken for granted!

Pasivne kartice

Pasivne kartice
Additional Rules

❖ Some rules that are specific and aren't categorized are written in this section.

❖ Entering a fire immunity, earth immunity etc. allows you to negate massive and destructive attacks, but you cannot do hand signs or other techniques while in that state. Some immunities like hydrification or sand body allow you to do hand signs while in that state.

❖ Attack that has 500 damage will not destroy 500 defense. To destroy 500 defense it will take atleast 501 point of damage to do so. Defense that lingers on your body will protect you from the attack and stay on you no matter if its broken, but other types of structures will collapse and won't have any defensive properties.

❖ Closing your eyes in a fight is different depending on if you're defending from an ocular genjutsu, smoke or light. You can defend yourself from an ocular genjutsu by closing your eyes the turn before, but that leaves you vulnerable to hidden attacks.

❖ Second instance of closing your eyes apply to flash bombs or techniques that blind you/stun you. When defending against these types of combat tricks, the first thing you do is you must write that you closed your eyes, otherwise your defense won't be valid.

❖ When you close your eyes, you close both of them because closing one doesn't present any form of defense against genjutsu or light.

❖ When your profile dies, you can start a new profile again with half the levels you had (max 100) and with a title appropriate to your levels. If you suicide your profile or if your death turns out to be staged, you will lose 200 tokens on your next profile.

❖ All techniques that work on 'when you take damage' principle do not work if you deal the damage to yourself.

❖ There cannot be interactions such as - i'll attack you with an X technique, if you do this i will activate X technique to counter you and the attack will go through etc. - your attack cannot respond to things that opponent may or may not do in the future, so once you fire an attack, that's it. These rules don't apply to things like dashes as you can cancel it if the opponent reacts to it with a technique that doesn't allow movement etc.

❖ Techniques cannot be activated for a next turn, once activated the cooldown and duration start counting down.

❖ Speed doesn't increase the dodging limit for flying techniques. Every flying technique is considered to dodge up to level 150 techniques (750 damage). Attacks that follow you will still do so while you're in the air.

❖ Summoning cannot transfer chakra to you in any way, shape or form. You are allowed to transfer your own charka to your summons.

❖ Casually moving as a form of defense isn't possible. For example, if I throw a kunai at your head you cannot just say 'hey, I moved my head and dodged your kunai'. Same can be said if a samurai is charging at you with a sword, you can't say 'I'm running away from you haha you can't catch me etc'.

❖ You cannot summon summons that are higher level than you.

❖ You cannot do any techniques secretly while the opponent has vision of you. However an exception is if it says that a technique can be done secretly on a card.

Pasivne kartice
Kekkei Genkai

❖ Combining two elements or more allows you to develop a kekkei genkai.

❖ You need at least two elements to develop a kekkei genkai. Depending on which two elements you have, you will be able to develop a combination of those elements. Kekkei Totta requires 3 specific elements.

❖ For Kekkei Genkai, you need 1200 tokens, 2 elements and Jounin rank.
❖ For Kekkei Tottas, you need 1400 tokens, 3 elements and Jounin rank.
Kekkei Genkai list:

◉ Lava release  - Lava Style (Fire + Earth)

◉ Boil release - Boil Style  (Fire + Water)

◉ Scorch Release - Flame Style  (Fire + Wind)

◉ Plasma Release - Energy Style  (Fire + Lightning)

◉ Rubber Release - Rubber Style  (Earth + Water)

◉ Smoke Release - Smoke Style  (Earth + Wind)

◉ Magnet Release - Magnet Style  (Earth + Lightning)

◉ Poison Release - Poison Style  (Earth + Medic)

◉ Swift Release - Speed Style  (Lightning + Wind)

◉ Storm Release - Storm Style  (Lightning + Water)

◉ Bubble Release - Bubble Style  (Water + Wind)

◉ Ink Release - Ink Style  (Water + Barrier&Seal)

◉ Blood Release - Blood Style  (Medical + Water)
Kekkei Totta list:

◉ Dust Release - Particle Style  (Earth + Wind + Fire)

◉ Dark Release - Darkness Style  (Water + Earth + Wind)

◉ Light Release - Light Style  (Fire + Lightning + Wind)

◉ Typhoon Release - Storm Style  (Wind + Water + Lightning)

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Forbidden Techniques

✾ Forbidden techniques are a class of special and unique techniques. They are sorted into 4 categories - ranked by power. The more powerful the card is, the higher it's token cost is going to be.

    ⋆ First class - 450 tokens
    ⁑ Second class - 900 tokens
    ⁂ Third class - 1350 tokens
    ⁑⁑ Fourth class - 1800 tokens

✾ Every shinobi is limited to learning only 2 forbidden techniques. 2 Shinobi can have same forbidden technique as long as it is from a first or second class. Third and fourth class techniques are limited to 1 shinobi only. Also, two Shinobi's can't have 2 same forbidden techniques at the same time.

✾ Before the purchase of a forbidden technique, consult an admin. Maybe a certain technique has already been bought and is no longer available. Once a technique is bought, if it's not available for purchase it will be locked in shop. All forbidden technique purchases are final and can't be refunded.

✾ Certain forbidden techniques from third class have additional cards. All fourth class techniques have additional ones.

✾ Only Jounin+ players are allowed to buy and use forbidden cards. Level of activated forbidden cards is equal to the users (max 200).

Additional Cards

Majmuneee :

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Hidden Techniques

Hidden techniques are considered one of the most powerful in the game, but also the hardest to unlock. To unlock a certain hidden technique, you need to complete a specific requirement that allows you to unlock it. A list of hidden techniques, additional cards and their requirements are displayed bellow:

Mangekyo Sharingan :

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan :

Rinnegan :

Tenseigan :

Rokugan :

Wood Sage Mode :

Toad Sage Mode :

Snake Sage Mode :

Snail Sage Mode :

Monkey Sage Mode :

Pasivne kartice
Gene Transplantation

✾ Gene Transplantation is a process where you can transplant another clan DNA into your own, inheriting the clans bloodline and techniques.

✾ To transplant a gene, a player must find a medical shinobi willing to do the procedure and pay tokens to the administration.

✾ Eye transplant costs 400 tokens, same goes for DNA transplant.

✾ To transplant hidden techniques, legendary etc. (Mangekyo, Tenseigan, Rinnegan...) - user must pay 400 tokens less than the original price of that power.

✾ Transplanting comes with risks. When the transplant is complete, the shinobi loses 200 health permanently and the costs for that clans techniques is increased by 30 chakra. These risks do not apply for transplanting eyes.

✾ User that transplanted a clan cannot get the clans passive effect or buy premium card.

✾ Eye transplant has it's own drawbacks. The transplanted eye is always active, but it doesn't require a slot to activate. In order to not lose chakra, user must close the transplanted eye. By transplanting eyes, you only get ocular techniques from clans that are performed with the help of those eyes.

✾ There are certain techniques that allow an user to transplant genes and become the original user of them. Original transplant doesn't have any drawbacks to it.

✾ After you have successfully transplanted a new clan, you must rest for 2 IRL days - no roleplaying, going on missions etc. If original transplant takes place, this rule does not apply.

✾ Only medical ninjas that are both level 200 and S Jounin rank are able to transplant clans. Genes that are transplanted must be from a shinobi that's at least Jounin rank.

✾ Following clans can be transplanted - Senju, Uchiha, Hyuuga, Kaguya, Yuki, Shoton, Santon and Jiton.

Pasivne kartice

Shinobi in Naruto universe have:

HEALTH - Life force & body state.

When health reaches zero, it is considered you are either dead or knocked out, depending on the will of your opponent.

ENERGY - Strength of body, muscles and it's structure.

With enough energy you are able to throw kunai's, swing katanas and do attacks that require energy to perform.

CHAKRA - Inner energy of your soul that flows through you & your chakra network.

Controling your chakra allows you to perform powerfull jutsus and techniques.

❖ In every battle, you are obliged to fill out your stats bar in order to keep track of it. You can write it either in the post, or fill out the application under the post.

❖ In case you make a mistake calculating your stats, you have a right to edit only stats in the post until your opponent posts. After the opponent posts, you must not edit the post. If you are caught altering the final post, there are punishments that come with it.

❖ Health and Energy cannot surpass their base maximum, while Chakra can, not with resting but some other methods (chakra transfer etc).

Pasivne kartice
Guaranteed damage

❖ Guaranteed damage represents a special type of damage caused by your attacks. You need to defend from it in special ways. In game, there are two types of guaranteed damage.

❖ Guaranteed damage cannot surpass 500 damage unless it is defined on a special card that raises the damage limit.


❖ Guaranteed damage caused from speed is tied to the speed skill. Difference between you and your opponent in speed allows you to do techniques that are faster than your opponent.

❖ On every damage attack, half of the difference in speed is calculated as guaranteed damage.

❖ For example, if you have 200 speed more than the opponent, all your attacks will have 100 guaranteed damage contained within them.

❖ From this type of guaranteed damage you can defend only with defense, reflexes and special techniques that have specified that they block this type of damage. You can also lower the guaranteed damage by gaining a speed boost, that will either lower or nullify guaranteed damage.


❖ Guaranteed damage caused from destruction is tied to the power of the attack. If your attack is destructive and powerfull, it will cause this type of damage.

❖ Every ninjutsu that exceeds 150 levels and 800 damage is able to deal guaranteed damage caused by destruction. That damage is equal to 20% of the attacks damage.

❖ Guaranteed damage caused by destruction can be blocked with another attack that has guaranteed damage from the same type. This is only unique to guaranteed damage by destruction.

❖ Your attack can have either guaranteed damage by destruction or by speed, he cannot have both. If for example you have 500 speed and guaranteed damage on ninjutsu is 200, you can overlap those 200 damage with 250 because one is higher than the other.

❖ Defense is always a good tool to combat this type of guaranteed damage.

❖ If you're defending against multiple guaranteed damage attacks with immunity, you will only need to worry about guaranteed damage from the first attack.

Pasivne kartice
Clan rules


Rules KPvxfQ0
✧ Inuzuka ✧

Rules 9KW1kvr
✧ Jiton ✧

❖ All Jiton clan members use technique Jiton Sword until they gain a right to own their personal weapon. A requirement for a personal Jiton sword is S Jounin rank and level 200.

❖ Jiton techniques work only on metal weapons. Any Jiton buffs wouldn't affect a wooden sword, or Samehada for example.

❖ During the time it takes for you to gain the requirement for a personal Jiton sword, in order to use it, you should add the Jiton passive card in post you're using it along with its base damage. Academy student title doesn't count as a title that gives +50 damage.

Rules EAhqpYS
✧ Nara ✧

Rules Bprtfv9
✧ Senju ✧

❖ You can use Senju techniques to obstruct vision, hide yourself from the opponent etc. but only if you specify it in your post. You can do hidden attacks in while the opponent doesn't see you.

❖ If you want to, all your Senju attacks can follow the opponent.

Rules UE2UJ4U
✧ Aburame ✧

❖ You can split your Aburame attacks into multiple attacks. The final damage of the attack is split, and no further buffs can be applied to individual parts of the attack.

❖ Opponent cannot tell apart which bugs you're using, unless your opponent is another Aburame clan member.

❖ If you want to, all your Aburame attacks can follow the opponent.

Rules 0RUtSwq
✧ Bakuton ✧

Rules H6tAUr9
✧ Hagane ✧

Rules Ii304Rx
✧ Hyuuga ✧

Rules 468qPXl
✧ Yamanaka ✧

Rules HcXqzNN
✧ Tokayi ✧

Rules MtFCyAJ
✧ Uzumaki ✧

Rules ZA5ryfw
✧ Uchiha ✧

❖ You can choose how you're going to cast your genjutsu attacks (ocular or with hand signs). If you're casting genjutsu with your hands, Sharingan buffs won't apply to your attacks.

Rules Y8eBgUK
✧ Kaguya ✧

Rules 9wuASdb
✧ Yuki ✧

Rules H5pAF9a
✧ Shoton ✧

Rules DRty7p2
✧ Santon ✧

❖ Sand on the field can be cleared with techniques that clear the field and wind attacks. If you're clearing the sand with wind attacks, the amount of sand cleared is equal to that attacks level.

Rules GOsrgYh
✧ Fuma ✧

Rules AW2Oms4
✧ Akimichi ✧

Pasivne kartice

❖ Rank are a mark on your profile that shows how far your knowledge and skill progressed through the game.

❖ To earn ranks, you must pass a series of tests which in result give you a higher rank.

❖ The list of base ranks are as follows
Academy Student - level 1
Genin - level 10
Chunin - level 50
Jonin - level 100
S Jonin - level 150

❖ Each of these ranks has it's perks and bonuses. You are not able to skip ranks.

Rules Rr73fvD
✧ Academy Student ✧

Academy Student is a rank with which you start of your shinobi journey. At this rank, all your base stats are all set to 100.

Rules HcIPDYy
✧ Genin ✧

When you take a first real step and finish your Genin exams - and pass - you will earn Genin title. At this rank, you get your first talent point and all your base stats raise to 200.

Rules MqVtwza
✧ Chunin ✧

Once you've leveled up and got a grasp of the games basic rules, you will be able to apply for a Chunin exam that if passed, will earn you the Chunin title. At this rank, you get your second talent point and all your base stats raise to 400.

Rules R7y15Sf
✧ Jonin ✧

A true Jonin must know all the game basics, along with a lot of interactions. At this level, you should be able to guide new players and excel in other aspects of the game. To get Jonin rank, you must pass a written test. At this rank, you get your third talent point and all your base stats raise to 600.

Rules Zo26xmm
✧ Special Jonin ✧

If you reach this rank, congratulations as you're considered one of the skilled and best players of this game. With this rank, your knowledge in this game should be set in stone, and you are able to masterfully portray your skills in every aspect of the game. At this rank, you get your fourth talent point and all your base stats raise to 1000.

Pasivne kartice

❖ You may only have one active profile at a time. Having a second active profile is prohibited and will be punished severly.

❖ If you commit a suicide on your profile, or if you set up a death for your character in agreement with another shinobi, you will start over from level 0 and with -400 tokens in your treasury. In addition to that, you will need to pass all of your exams again.

❖ All of your items, money etc. can't be transfered to your next profile unless you have a valid roleplay reason, one of them being that you have learned Chakra Release: Reincarnation and before your death you hid your items/money somewhere. Since you keep memories from your last life, you will know the location of those things.

❖ When you kill a shinobi who is your rank or higher, you will get 50 tokens as a reward.

Pasivne kartice
Personal Techniques

❖ Personal techniques are techniques designed specifically for you by you. They reflect on your playstyle and fulfill it. Personal techniques are made in agreement with an admin after you buy a hidden technique Jutsu Creation.

❖ Personal techniques must fit in within your talents and must not have a random effect that doesn't made sense for both you and your playstyle. For example, you cannot create a healing technique if you don't have a talent in Medic ninjutsu. Neither can you make a fireball attack if you don't possess a point in Katon talent.

❖ Personal techniques should be unique to your character, and you must not ask for a technique that another shinobi might have.

❖ Maximum amount of personal techniques that you can buy is 3.

❖ Personal techniques can only be created and bought by S Jounin ninjas - however, this does not count for roleplay techniques.

❖ The strength of your card suggestion will be judged by an admin, and if needed, adjustments will be made on it with some suggestions.

❖ An example of a personal technique:

Yuki shinobi that has a talent in clan arts and doton may create a personal technique similar to the one bellow:


A Yuki shinobi might use this more as a style point technique than as a combat technique, since he is the only ninja in shinobi world that mastered the power of dark ice.

❖ Roleplay techniques are event rewards that are used to style your character and enhance the roleplay experience. Those types of cards do not have ANY use in real battle.

Pasivne kartice
Forbidden Techniques

❖ Forbidden techniques are special techniques developed and mastered by the highest tier of shinobi. A single forbidden technique may only be learned by 3 shinobi at the same time. During the course of the game, no two players can have the same combination of forbidden techniques.

❖ Every forbidden technique you use is equal to your level.

❖ A single shinobi can have 4 forbidden technique in his arsenal, but they all have to be from different tiers of forbidden techniques.

❖ When you decide on buying a forbidden technique, you must contact a discord admin in order to keep track of who has which forbidden technique.

❖ To buy a first tier forbidden technique, you must be level 50. To buy a second tier forbidden technique, you must be level 100 and so on.

❖ Some forbidden techniques - tier 3 and 4 - may come with a few extra techniques which will be listed below.

Pasivne kartice
Hidden Techniques

Hidden techniques are the strongest techniques in the game, and with that, the most expensive. For developing some of these techniques, you need to meet special requirements, rules or blood type. You can see all of the hidden techniques bellow.

Mangekyo Sharingan :

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan :

Tenseigan :

Wood Sage Mode :

Toad Sage Mode :

Snake Sage Mode :

Monkey Sage Mode :

Seven Swords of the Mist :

Pasivne kartice

On the behalf of the whole administration

Welcome to Ninja World!

Ninja World is an online roleplay card game in which you create your character and experience the shinobi world through it's eyes. Go on missions, learn new jutsu, and mark your presence in the shinobi history as one of the best shinobi there ever was!

Now that the introduction is out of the way, we'd like to give a few pointers to the rules and categories that exist in them.

Rules are divided in several categories - Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Though it may seem like a lot, which it is, it shouldn't scare you. Rules are divided by those you should know by the time you reach a certain rank, for example elementary are for Academy & Genin, while intermediate are for Chunin etc.

Take your time and don't rush through it. As you slowly advance through the game your knowledge will expand and soon enough, you'll learn everything there is to know about this game and it's shinobi world.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask away on our discord or an appropriate forum topic.

Best of luck on your journey!

Pasivne kartice

❖ Traveling in Ninja World is fairly simple. Map consists out of 73 hexagonal tiles. You can only travel to adjacent tiles and can't skip/jump through whole regions.

❖ If you plan on traveling to another part of the map for whatever reason, you must use the travel option and go hex by hex, waiting in-between cooldowns before posting at the place/topic. If this rule isn't followed, your posts at that topic will be deleted and your account will be warned/sanctioned.

❖ During travels, there is a small chance for a special encounter to appear. Instructions are given at the travel log. If you encounter an NPC, simply stop the travel, open up a topic and deal with the encounter yourself before proceeding with your travels.

❖ During travels, if you pass through a region in which another player is in, you will simply pass each other unless there is a valid roleplay reason or game mechanic involved which will reveal your locations, making you able to fight or simply pass each other peacefully.

There are several ways for you to encounter someone in Ninja World:

❖ Non-roleplay agreement between two players to meet at a certain spot in the world. This would require both players to consent to a meet up and a little bit of roleplay cover up. Otherwise, this is one of valid ways to meet with someone

❖ Sensor mechanics. If you have a sensor seal in a certain topic and someone passes through it or does a mission in it, you have a valid roleplay reason to believe that someone is there and to go and check it out. Beware as you can't randomly check whole regions with sensor unless there's a valid roleplay reason for it. Also, if you're going on a mission and take a little travel detour to scan an adjacent region, you won't feel anything/anyone with that sensor.

❖ Another valid way to encounter a player would be administration approved events and such. If an event opens up somewhere in the world and everyone gathers at the event spot, you can consider that an encounter. Also during events, certain teams or individuals have a chance to encounter each other. All these actions are monitored by administrators, so if you do cross someone, you will be notified.

We wish you safe travels on your journey!

Pasivne kartice

Pasivne kartice